Hill Country RV Park Rules and Regulations

Our Philosophy is:

"Live and Let Live..." After all, this IS AMERICA!

Unfortunately sometimes, written rules are needed to curtail poor judgments from people who have Little or NO common sense.


Speed Limit:
SLOW -15 Mph. or less

Quiet Hours:
9:00 PM to 8:00AM

Adults Only:
Children are allowed to visit but must always be under the care of the resident adult. Remember this is an adult only R.V. park.

A maximum of 1 motor vehicle in addition to the rig is allowed per rented space. Visitors must park at the front near the office building. No Storage of vehicles or any other materials will be tolerated on the premises. Vehicles deemed to be stored on the property will incur an additional rental rate of $300.00 per month. Please, KEEP VEHICLES OFF THE GRASS!

No Large pets allowed! Maximum pet size is 20 Lbs. and a maximum of 2 pets of any kind per rental space. Pets may not be tied outside or left unattended in any sort of pen at any time. ALL pets must be on a leash, and accompanied by a responsible adult. Please, ALL pet owners must pick up immediately after the animal has a stool movement, and dispose of it in the large trash dumpster at the front of the park.

The trash dumpster is for the benefit of the residents only. No dumping of any kind, other than residential household garbage is allowed. Please report all violators to the management for criminal prosecution.

The laundry room is provided for the use of RV Park guests only. It is the responsibility of the users to empty the dryer lint drawers after every use. Please help us keep the laundry room clean by doing your part.

Mail and other Park info is delivered through the mail slots. Each guest has his own slot next to the Laundry Room. We try to have the mail delivered by 4:00 PM daily. Even if you don’t have your mail delivered here, please check the mail slot regularly for any item that we may have placed there for you. Your mailing address will not be forwarded by the Post Office. Make sure you understand this before giving your mailing address to friends and others.

K-PUB (the electric provider.) reads all the electric meters on a monthly basis. We add $10.00 to all electric bills to help pay for the night lights and the Community Room Building, after rounding up the bills to the next dollar. The cutoff date for billing is around the 20th of each month. When you leave our park, we will read the meter and we will adjust the amount due either up or down according to the deposit you paid.

Remember, your legal status is that of Overnight Guests, we establish a lodging agreement and not a Tenant/Landlord relationship. We always retain the right to exclusive possession. You are welcome to stay here as long as you are following the Park Rules and the management receives no complaints or other negative comments regarding your behavior or the behavior of your guests. It is at our sole and only discretion that you remain here. If need be, we will call for a tow truck to remove your rig and belongings from the park premises and a final invoice for your stay will be collected from you by the towing company when you retrieve your rig.

Bathrooms & showers:
The public bathrooms are provided for the convenience of our registered guests. Please cleanup after yourselves.

Cable TV:
Time Warner Cable in provided at no Charge to our guests. You are responsible for the cable and service starting at the connection pole outside your rig. Only 1 connection per rig is allowed.

Water connections are provided at each rental space. You may split the connection as you wish. Please report any water leaks to the management immediately. We can provide soaker watering hoses if you would like to keep the grass watered around your rig. It is your responsibility to pick up and store the hoses when not in use.

A sewer connection is provided; we ask that you seal the connection using a donut to prevent odors from escaping.

Wireless Internet connections are available through the park. A service fee is charged on the monthly rentals. For daily and weekly rentals, the Internet is provided free of charge. The Internet is a high speed / commercial connection but it is provided as is, without specific guarantees relating to speed or reliability of signal. We do not provide any technical support. We will verify that the wireless signal is broadcasting, but you are responsible to make your computer devices work.

Age and condition of Rig:
We prefer to have camping rigs that are less than 15 years old within the park. This is to keep up a nice modern park environment for all users. Special arrangements can be made with the management on a case by case basis if your rig is older. If your rig is becoming run-down or is in need of repair, we reserve the right to ask you to perform the repairs or ask you to remove the rig from the park at our sole discretion.

Permanent Fixtures:
We ask that no permanent construction or structure be erected on the park premises. This includes steps, decks, hand rails, or any other kind of permanent fixture or structure. Special arrangements can be made with the management and will be decided on a case by case basis.

Weekly rent payments are for 7 consecutive days and are due upon check-in. Monthly rent payments are due on the first of each month. A late fee of $30.00 will be assessed for payments received after the 5th of each month, plus a $5.00 per day late charge, unless special arrangements have been made with the management. (This is not saying that if you pay the $30.00 and the daily late payment fee that it’s ok to pay late regularly. We need the rent payments made in a timely fashion.) A fee of $35.00 will also be charged in addition to the late payment fees for returned checks. This means the total cost to you for a returned check after the 5th of the month is $65.00 plus $5.00 per day for each day the payment remains outstanding. We do not pro-rate monthly rents.

If you leave the park without paying what you owe, or making special arrangements we will press theft of services charges against you and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. The police will pick you up. (Not a good idea.)

Direct all comments to the Park Management 830-895-3661

The Management reserve the right to amend, revise, and add to the Park rules and regulations at any time without notice.